We Have Many Years of Experience in the Field

Copperwood Electrical Contractors is a full service electrical company with a customer base in Yarker, serving Harrowsmith, Kingston and the surrounding area. As a full service contractor we provide all electrical construction services from conceptual design through construction to building maintenance.
Since it’s launch in 2005, we have successfully completed a diversified number of projects including but not limited to apartment complexes, hotels, schools, government buildings, industrial and institutional projects. Our a team of managers, supervisors and field personnel that are unmatched in knowledge, skill and experience, including the best master electricians on in the Limestone region.
Copperwood strives to exceed customer expectations. We pride ourselves on providing the same level of commitment for new and existing. That is the Copperwood Promise! Our staff is trendsetters, we maintain and prioritize customer safety and satisfaction, revolutionizing the way electrical companies are managed.
Employee Coverage Provided By:
Founder / Owner Operator

Sean Craig

Owner of the company. Sean has spent years perfecting his skills only to learn that there is always room for improvement and more to be taught. Copperwood has allowed him to create a consistent, qualified and cooperative environment in which any size project can be completed in a timely safe fashion. Throughout the last ten years the team has changed but the end goal remains the same,

Red Seal Certified Journeyman

David Samuel

Formerly an electrical apprentice, now red seal certified journeyman. Dave has served Copperwood in a large number of areas. Recently Dave has taken on a leadership role as well as being site supervisor on many high end residential jobs. Dave has also spent time working in the office and in conjunction with the electrical safety authority completing permits and inspections. Definitely a consistent, honest and integral part of the Copperwood family.

Craig Huffman

The former co-owner of Copperwood Contractors Inc. who has been instrumental in many of our corporate policies. Craig ends up being brought in to assist us where needed as well as on a consultation basis during large projects. We miss having him be a full time part of the company but greatly appreciate when we can integrate his skills and knowledge in our projects.

James Murphy

The former “young gun”- so to speak. One of our strong apprentices who is working towards his own Red Seal certification. James preforms many duties without compliant or delay. Recently James has become very versatile in both the commercial and residential side of our business. We at Copperwood greatly enjoy James’ attitude and aggressive quest towards his goals and gaining daily knowledge in his field.

Peter D’Amore

Newest member of the young crowd. After serving us through the OYAP program we were able to convince Pete to stay on board. We look forward to getting to know him better and lay out a consistent training program for his apprenticeship. Pete is energetic and willing to learn with the proper instructions.

Let’s Get Started!

Copperwood Electrical Contractors are qualified, insured and experienced electricians. We pride ourselves in our workmanship. What are you waiting for?

Arc Flash Training

Recent certifications for Richie, Dave and Sean as a part of Schneider Electric’s day long training. Upon completion a certificate was issued to the above but most importantly a corporate mandate was issued to force safety into daily planning. Currently regardless of general contractor opinion or business owner opinion our attitude has changed. A strict de-energized policy has been introduced to coincide with the MOL and the ESA mandate. The only safe work area is one that does not contain energized switch gear, electrical panels or transformers etc.. As anyone can appreciate we as Electrical workers deserve the right to go home at the end of our work day much the same as any other worker. This training allows us to easily identify both on going health and safety concerns as well as potential hazards while educating the general public and our current clientele of these same hazards.

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